About Us

We are Mr. Barrel BBQ, premium manufacturers of bbq smoking accessories with the biggest gamma of exotic flavors.

Our range of innovative smoking products is designed to give your food a more appetizing look and taste. Our smoking: chips, chunks, big chunks, pellets, dust, power blocks, and planks come from some of Europe's finest wine and spirits producers.

The aroma of the natural wines and spirits remains infused with the wood of the oak barrels. After those barrels are turned into our final product uniting the quality of the barrels.

About Us

Why do our products have such an incredible aroma?

Some wines and spirits like red wine, sweet white wine, brandy, and whisky have been macerated in oak barrels. Oakwood provides flavorings such as vanilla, canella to the spirits and in turn, the wood is soaked with flavor and the taste of the product. These barrels are from different manufacturing areas (France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland).

How do we prepare our products?

First Step
Second Step
Third Step
  • Inspecting and picking the right barrel for our products.
  • Separating the barrel into staves and preparing  them to be crushed into the desired product. (chips, chunks, dust, pellets, planks, and foodie power blocks)
  • We use a our patented method of wood treatment to close the pores of the wood and preserve the aroma.